A Guide to the Ultimate Stoner Movies on Netflix


September 18, 2017


Recently, I had been with my friends looking for the perfect movie to watch. Although the phrase, “stoner movies” hold a negative connotation for a “throw away” film, it holds a lot of truth to the type of entertainment we look for when we’ve taken a hit or two. You can’t quite search “best stoner movies” on Netflix, but here is a compilation of a few favorites:

  1. Super High Me – This 2007 documentary featuring comedian Doug Benson adventures through the downsides of reckless use by pushing cannabis consumption to the limits for 30 days. Throughout the film, he interviews medical doctors and political figures and explores the benefits of cannabis.
  2. Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles – A classic stand up, Williams discusses weed, race and Michael Jackson in this undoubtedly funny show.
  3. Good Burger – A Nickelodeon classic, Good Burger offers a twist on a classic when taking a hit or two with some of your childhood friends. This whacky film will have you dying over the classic duo of Keenan and Kel.
  4. Amelie – This romantic comedy, will have your heart soaring over its beautiful visuals. Amelie is the perfect high thought companion set in Paris.
  5. Waking Life – The film is a wonderful artistic film that intrigues the stoned soul. The film offers a conversation perfect for your high thoughts and will leave you questioning things you never thought to ask.

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Source: The Daily Dot