MISSBISH Archives | Listen to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch “Good Vibrations”


December 24, 2015


This flash from the past should get you excited. Remember when the New Kids on the Block, or NKOTB as true fans will recall, were at the top of the pop charts and regardless of actual singing talent, you couldn’t help but hope that one day Jordan or Joey would propose to you and you’d live happily ever after? Well, when that ship sailed, in came Marky Mark, the younger sibling of New Kid Donnie Wahlberg, and he was hotter, younger and had true talent. “Good Vibrations” was THE song of 1991 and the launch pad for the bonafide star that Mark Wahlberg has grown into. If you’re too young to have experienced this when it happened, educate yourself and take a trip back in time…