MISSBISH #NEEDS | Ashley Outrageous


October 1, 2016


South Florida native Ashley Outrageous is a 5’2 giant running things in New York. The music blogger and influencer made a name for herself curating hip-hop shows, and is now the proud co-host of her new podcast, Cruise 95. Juggling multiple gigs can be a little stressful at times, so what does Ashley carry in her bag to get through her day to day? Check out the boss bish’s #NEEDS below.

Ashley Outrageous’ #NEEDS: 
Beats By Dre Undefeated PowerBeats
I need to listen to music whenever I can, but mostly on the train so crazy people don’t bother me!

AESOP Hand Lotion
I think I have OCD when it comes to washing my hands… not sure yet, but I always need lotion right after and something that smells good.

AO! Stickers
I always have these on me just in case I need to tag a place up.

Laura Mercier Bronzer Powder
Because sometimes you need a pick me up…

Chloe Fragrance Roll On
The NY lifestyle comes with sometimes being out all day and that means, you need things to refresh! I love roll-on’s as they take up little to no space in my bag.

Glossier Coconut Balm Dot Com
Because chapped lips are never a good look.

Incase Charger
I’m on my phone constantly, and snapchat, so I can’t go anywhere without my external charger.

Helmut Lang Leather Card Holder
I’m more so into card holders right now vs a wallet.

Super Sunglasses Black Matte
I’ve bought these same shades for over 5 years. They’re a classic model and black goes with everything!

Apple Macbook
Pretty much my life. I call myself a digital trapstar, so without a Macbook….

The WW Club Handbook
For Women Who Do Creative Work by Phoebe Lovatt – This book was created by a friend of mine and always serves as motivation for me when I need it. I like to keep it close.

Apple iPhone 6S
For emergency use only. HA! Who am I kidding? Sad but true, but this device is also my life. I need it on me at all times. For photos, emails, messages, everything.

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