February 5, 2016


Sam is busy. When she’s not flying around the globe DJing, then she’s in the studio making music or sweating it out in a dance class (she used to be a professional dancer!). What does this multi-hyphenated talent #NEED? Check out her list below.

Samantha Duenas’ #NEEDS:
Caeden Headphones
When I’m home in LA, I’m usually listening to music in my car, but these headphones are perfect for in-flight listening.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
I actually don’t wear sunglasses the way others do.  I always feel like I’m not seeing the world accurately, and I feel that I’m not engaging with the person I’m talking to if my eyes are behind sunglasses.  I only wear sunglasses in the airport after a long and treacherous flight (which is pretty often).

Glossier Balm Dot Calm
I cannot function when my lips are chapped, so I have hundreds of lip balms and chap sticks in my car, in my pockets, in my purses.  I love Glossier’s, it’s thick and you can use it on your elbows or hands too!

Tatcha Facial Mist
I like to have a spritzer around to refresh the skin during a long day, especially good when I’m on the road for days and feel grimey. Tatcha is the skin care brand I love and use religiously. Their mist is good, I’m also a fan of Caudalie and Mario Badescu rose water.

NYTimes Crossword Puzzle Subscription
One of my favorite pastimes since I was a kid, I like to wind down by curling up in a little ball and tackling the puzzle of the day.

Title Boxing Gloves
I have fitness A.D.D. and get bored of workouts pretty quickly.   Throughout the week I’ll rotate between going to the gym, taking pilates, boot camp classes, etc. I added kickboxing a year ago as a way to spice up my workouts and became immediately addicted.

Healthade Kombucha
The beverage of champions.  For me, kombucha can easily turn a shitty day into a great day, or at least a more tolerable day.  I favor Healthade in either beet or pinklady apple flavors.

Moleskine Notebook
For writing songs and interesting quotes.

Celine Crossbody Trio
Is this the best handbag ever made? Holds all the essentials and goes with any outfit, easy to stuff this one into a bigger handbag or break off the front component to use as a clutch.

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Photo by: Carmen Chan