Rihanna Confirms More Fenty Beauty Products Are in the Works


September 11, 2017


You already know- Rihanna just launched her Fenty Beauty line. Obviously, the line did not disappoint. With 40 shades of foundation, 33 match stix, six highlighter compacts, five brushes, one blending brush, blotting paper, translucent powder, primer, and a lip gloss- there is something for everyone.

While complexion was the focus of the first drop of the beauty brand, it left some wondering why she didn’t include more lip colors. The gloss is a universal shimmery color, but the queen of color was expected to provide more in your face options for her launch. Rihanna herself was asked about the lip products while at her launch party in New York, to which she replied: “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

She also spoke about the process of creating her lip color, “I don’t want to put too much into your pipe right now. There are endless possibilities. We had to switch things up a few times to get the right texture, the right smell, and it came down to this perfect rosy shade with a little bit of shimmer. It gives you something, but it doesn’t look like you’re doing the most. We’ll do that later.” Will there be more Fenty Gloss Bombs? And how soon can we get our hands on them?!

  • PrincessAnia

    If Rihanna creates liquid lipsticks she will probably out sell EVERY other makeup brand on the market! She is soo smart to release a makeup line that actually has shades of foundation for women of every race! She is the only person i’ve seen to provide shades of foundation for black women who are vanilla colored to dark chocolate colored! She is really on to something…