Stay High | The Sacred Valley Capsules in Peru


July 20, 2015


The saying goes that “there are no shortcuts to places worth going”, and nothing embodies this more than Skylodge in Peru’s Sacred Valley. Running between Cusco – the ancient capital of the Inca Empire – and Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley is a place lost in time and home to some otherworldly landscapes, like the ancient saltpans of Salina and the crop-circle esque terraces of Moray.

So what better way to see it all than from Skylodge’s transparent pods hanging over 400 feet off the side of a cliff? At $300 a night, the 24 x 8 meter polycarbonate and aluminum Sacred Valley Capsules are operated by Peruvian tour company Natura Viva, and can only be reached by climbing a 400 foot steel ladder embedded into the face of the clip, zip line or hike. Take your pick.

Source: Higher Perspective