This 17-Year-Old Uses 6,000 Kanye West Lyrics to Build a Rapping A.I. Bot


March 21, 2017


After being dared by his high school programming club, West Virginia student Robbie Barrat, has created a rapping artificial intelligence bot. The Programming Club president uses Kanye West‘s discography to program the bot. He explains, “It’s a neural network that has been trained on rap songs and can use any lyrics you feed it and write a new song. It now writes word by word as opposed to line by line.”

On the 17-year-old’s GitHub, he includes lyrics of the neural network created word by word. “It is the result of feeding the network ~6,000 Kanye West lines.” he explains. Listen to the rap it has written above.

To learn more about Barrat’s neural network on his GitHub page.