10 Makeup Revelations From Kim Kardashian’s First YouTube Tutorial With Jaclyn Hill

Author: Necole Cayanan
07.12 / Beauty

Two weeks ago, makeup fanatics everywhere were surprised to see Kim Kardashian West and makeup guru Jaclyn Hill collaborate for a new YouTube video on Hill's channel. Throughout the video, Jaclyn and Kim get ready with one another and share their own tips and tricks for how they get ready. Here are 13 makeup revelations from Kim herself:

  1. The YouTube makeup world is essential - The first makeup video Kim watched was actually Jaclyn Hill's video reviewing the Kylie Lip Kit. She found the video to be useful and engaging saying, "It is so fun getting to know this whole world."
  2. Primer is worth trying - At the beginning of the video, Kim admits that she has never tried primer because she worries that it will create an undesirable film on her face. Jaclyn suggests her to use a primer that will make her face glow all day long.
  3. She fell in love with makeup the same way we all do - Kim was first exposed to makeup through her mother's makeup collection and would play with it alongside her sister, Kourtney.
  4. Go with what you know - Kim admits to always sticking with her old makeup routine, a habit that her makeup professional, Mario Dedivanovic does not approve of.
  5. She made her contour kit to ease the fear of contouring - We all know someone who finds makeup to be intimidating but Kim's contour sticks are meant to be really creamy and easy to use. "It’s so intimidating and it doesn’t have to be. I just want to show people that I am not the best makeup artist but it is fun for me and I can figure it out, and I’ve learned from the best of people doing makeup. So I just hope that it is a brand people find is really user-friendly and really easy; everyone can do their makeup and feel good about themselves."
  6. Matching eye shadows and your outfit is not the business - Kim's biggest regret in her history with makeup was matching her clothes to her eyeshadows, a mistake she will never make again.
  7. Motherhood changed her makeup routine - In the video, Kim states that the reason for her simple makeup looks lately is because of her role as a mother. "I think it’s a combination of being a mom and not having as much time 'cause I don’t have the time to sit in the makeup chair for two, two and a half hours. I really feel like I changed my style. But now I think I am slowly getting back to wanting to do [more]. Bump it up a little bit."
  8. North West is an MUA in the making - Kim states that she often finds North rummaging through her makeup with lipstick all over her face. She even asks Kim to do her makeup before they go out!
  9. She never forgets to put on lip liner - Especially on her upper lip. She notes that lip liner makes her lips look fuller and will always make them stand out more.
  10. STEP UP YOUR GAME - At the end of the video, Kim states that even she feels she needs to step up her makeup game, and maybe buy some new brushes and a new foundation.

Check out the video above!

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