10 Must-Have Hairstyles from London and Milan Fashion Week

Author: Sarah de Brun
09.26 / Beauty

If you haven't heard from every media outlet out there, we're knee-deep in fashion month. Both London and Milan Fashion Week have wrapped, and we made sure to soak in all the #hairspiration we could. Most of the hairstyles were kept safe-clean middle parts, not fussed with too much. Shags on women and men were big, whether they had been freshly cut or were in grow-out mode. A few shows stuck with us, leaving an imprint on our Pinterest boards. These are the styles to prep for, or maybe even get a head start on before their novelty wears off... but we don't see that happening anytime soon.

Styles at JW Anderson and Simone Rocha brought back the Cher Horowitz side-part secured with embellished hair pins. It’s a romantic twist to a basic look, and somehow manages to add a feminine element to your outfit. Every girl trying to grow out her bangs right now just did an inner backflip.

Marni and MSGM trained us to get our hair out of our eyes and bring attention to our faces (grandmothers everywhere will be so proud). A scrunched and slicked back style at Marni calls for the use of just your fingers–no hair tools needed. MSGM styled their wet look with a wide tooth comb and left the ends to dry on their own.

Ports 1961’s 9-to-5 ‘do is a great balance of semi-professional and girl-on-the-go. Low-hung ponytails secured with a band, then messily braided down and secured once more felt like they were prepped the night before and cleaned up just before you headed out the door. Maybe we shamelessly call this “lazy girl’s office hair”?

Burberry and Gucci let curls do their thing on the runway. Moisturized locs moved freely, and were allowed to decide which way they want to hang without any interruption. We took note: Don’t force them! Their natural state is their most beautiful, and we know it.

Taking us back to the dramatic hair styles of the ‘40s, Calcaterra’s frizzed-up waves have some trickery up their sleeve. While the hair may look super simple, hella time goes into achieving this, but the payoff is major. Do a middle part, alternate a jumbo curling iron all the way down the section of hair, tease in an upward motion, and presto!

Topshop Unique was seriously getting its flirt on with the hair they presented. The sexy flip-over we saw had us visualizing our next few date nights. Wavy or not, your hair was made for this look too! Flip a front section to the opposite side, and slick back and secure the side with less hair. Now, go get ‘em.

This could be the modern pompadour, if you think about it. Palmer Harding brought height to the models’ hair, whether it was short or long, bringing the rest of the hair to the back. The cool thing about this look is that it gives the illusion of a longer shaped face, and works best with 3-day-old hair.

Fendi’s sharply cut blue bangs? Hmmm… ok, we’ll try it! Nearly every model in the show came strutting down the runway rocking the look, proving a point that this hue is a complimentary color for every skin tone. Who would have thought?

Short hair isn’t anything new, but we loved that everyone donned a pixie cut in Moschino’s show (although, most were likely wigs). Maybe the goal was to let the designs shine without the distraction of long hair, but this move did the exact opposite, putting a spotlight on the beauty of each model’s face. Makes us want to reach for a pair of shears!

Stella Jean had us filling out an Out of Office memo before the final walk. When on holiday, it’s not our first priority to have perfect hair, but we do want to give it a bit of character. A braid here and there and a rustle of the tresses to waken them up is as much work we want to put in. Jean gave us all the inpso for low-maintenance, blasé style that still has a sexy appeal to it.

Photos: WWD

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