10 Super Chill Fall Celeb Looks to Try Right Now

Author: Sarah de Brun
11.27 / Style

About a month from now, winter will be busting through the door, and we want to enjoy fall style for as long as we can. Depending on where you are in the world, the weather could be totally bearable or semi-freezing. Just because open-toed shoes and tank tops have officially retired for the year doesn't mean we still can't be cute.  Here are 10 looks from some of our favorite women to serve as current wardrobe inspiration. So, before it gets ridiculously cold outside, go ahead and take these outfits for a spin.

We’ve all gone a little overboard with destructed denim during the summertime, then once the cold weather rolls around the reality sets in that we have no decent jeans for winter. Well, Bella Hadid just gave us a longevity tip: Opaque tights under your favorite pair keeps them around longer, therefore saves you bones that would be spent on pants, and that in turn fattens up your bank account so you can snag that gold chain swishing around Hadid’s waist. Worth it!

You could tell us Ms. Fenty has a PJ onesie on in this look, and we’d still head straight online to buy in bulk. She can do no wrong when it comes to style, especially when layers are involved. Take a solid jumpsuit like Rihanna’s and toss on an oversized bomber, sling your designer bag tight around your chest, and slip on matching puffy boots and statement shades. Oh, and please don’t forget the massive fuzzy tote bag. SO MUCH texture going on here. We love it.

Some days we leave the house thinking we’ll be warm enough in our cute outfit, but suddenly it’s colder than predicted and we make do with what we threw on. Here’s where a turtleneck comes in handy, as Victoria Beckham tucks her chin and hands into hers in a way that looks like it was intentional (and, maybe it was!). Also, black leather accessories and a thick cuffed hem offer a bulk that tricks the mind to think she’s cozier than she appears.

For the rebel who isn’t afraid of any cold weather, do like Adwoa Aboah and layer two long-sleeve tees and a hoodie under a tough-as-nails moto jacket. Black vinyl pants and a waist bag daylighting as a crossbody are two statements they won’t see coming, when so many others use this time of year to let a hella long coat take charge. But, really, it’s a big bright smile that’s the real show stopper. Wear yours proud from ear to ear.

There's nothing like a huge button-down jacket that could be mistaken for an older relative's article of clothing. Who cares if it's borderline "dad clothes," it's basically the comfiest thing to own. Sofia Richie knows its worth, and takes it to a cooler level with bright sunglasses, a glamorous bag, and combat boots. A neutral color allows it to be worn with everything, and if you score one with a structured shape–hold tight and never let go.

Rita Ora twists preppy style into something entirely new. Half tying a bright sweater across the back and rolling up a pair of casual pants to reveal sporty tube socks is just enough attitude needed for this chill look. A plaid cap, crisp white tee, and dressy tuxedo blazer pull everything together so you can still head to work a not feel like you’re in shambles.

Everyone crushes on a good puffer jacket, but I bet you’ve never thought of wearing it like this. Wrap the sleeves tightly around your neck like Veronique Tristam did to beat the cold elements in a way others might find bizarre. Even more reason to layer an unexpected fringe sweater underneath, and slide into sky-high patent booties. The combination of different details is what creates a style that only so many can get away with.

When it’s cold outside, it’s most likely going to be gloomy, and that’s a great excuse to bring vibrant colors into the situation. Donna Wallace reached for every exciting piece in her wardrobe, and proved to us that taking risk pays off! Link up sequins, crushed velvet, and patent leather like your mood depends on it. Team a long coat with wide-legged pants because they balance one another so flawlessly. Oh, and the sneakers let everyone know you’re a woman on a mission.

In our opinion, white clothing in colder months is so fresh. It’s a nice break from dreary neutrals. Loose track pants with a bomber jacket aren’t out of the ordinary, but the pops of color and fur collar take everything up a notch. Now, we all know that this time of year the weather has jokes and can’t quite decide what it wants to do. If the temperature is on your side, slip on platform sandals like Tamu McPherson’s with a cute sock to extend their wear.

One dope coat can get you through the cold until Spring comes along. A well structured, double-breasted one like Kendall Jenner’s still has enough room to layer a comfy sweatshirt underneath and the built-in shawl means you’ve hit the jackpot! No extra scarf to lug around, because we all know it’s a pain in the a$$. Ripped jeans and dad sneakers level out the polished style of the coat perfectly.

Photos by: Celeb Mafia & Style Du Monde

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