18 Bishes to Keep Your Eyes on in 2018

Author: Sarah de Brun
02.09 / Lifestyle

If you ask us, 2018 is the year to be reckoned with as far as females are concerned. It’s only a handful of weeks in, but there’s something in the air that screams revolution and revelation, and women are to thank for that. We’re embracing our true colors stronger than ever and breaking down barriers even louder. No more apologizes, no more hesitation.

I realize that’s a deep way to start this piece off, but it’s important to set that stage before I introduce a list of women we’re excited to watch for the next 300+ days (give or take). It goes without saying that we spread female empowerment like wildfire, and want nothing more than to see our fellow ladies follow their dreams.

Here’s a list of 18 bishes to keep your eyes on. There is no particular order to them, as they are all equally influential. Some you know, and some you’re just about to meet for the first time. Either way, let’s hear it for the girls!

Don’t fight us here. You can’t deny that Jenner has built a beauty empire, and we all want to know what we think we already know! Honestly, if what we think we know is really what is real, then it’ll be exciting to see her come into her own in a whole new way. Full on, working mom mode. Just saying…
Photo: @KylieJenner/Instagram

@PrincessNokia Bronx royalty! This woman has the most inspiring confidence and energy that transfers from her being to anyone in her presence. She’s big on spreading the message of self-love and equality. This year, be sure to catch the powerful rapper out on tour, and fingers crossed for more music!
Photo: lissmorales.com

Watching this disco-meets-R&B singer perform live will leave your jaw on the floor while glitter falls magically from the ceiling. Turek never stops smiling for one minute, which instantly locks her into your heart, and seeing her do her thing up on that stage feels like you’re witnessing an icon in the making… which we probably are.
Photo: sodwee.com

You know her work most from Solange’s 2016 album, “A Seat at the Table”. Guerrero is the Spanish photographer and creative director behind the cover, inside artwork and a few of the iconic album’s videos. Her aesthetic is soft and artistic, with a kaleidoscope of skin tones that speaks volumes without saying a word.
Photo: Carlotaguerrero.com

A Ukrainian designer who started out focused on jewelry, and now has a Ready-to-Wear line of funky, elevated streetwear. Zinko’s designs don’t shy away from colors, prints, or exaggerated silhouettes, and you know you’re on the right track when Beyoncé wears your pieces and posts them to her Insta. Fashion prediction: Her son, Ivan @thegoldenfly, just might be the best thing at LFW.
Photo: @thegoldenfly

Welteroth was named Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue last April and in under a year she completely reinvented the publication, putting a spotlight on massively important topics like politics, female empowerment, and equality. She brought diversity to covers and editorials, and used her platform to spark conversations that the younger generation was hungry to be a part of. Though she’s stepped down from Teen Vogue, she’s added “Screenwriter” to her roster with the new show, “Grownish”, which totally makes sense. Dare we call her the next Oprah?
Photo: now.ruelala.com

Odds are, you and 8 million others have her workout app and look forward to her daily uploads. What gets us and all of Itsines’ followers most pumped is that she posts clients’ results onto Instagram. These candid pics back up her fitness and health programs, and inspire anyone who’s looking to get into gear, no matter how much their shape or situation. She already has the fan base, so it’ll be cool to see the next moves Itsines makes with her business.
Photo: kaylaitsines.com

Last year, we met up with Jordan for a one-on-one, and since then she’s been non-stop in her career. The creative artist has been whipping up illustrations faster than lightening, was featured on Essence, collaborated with Unwrp for an artist series of wrapping paper, and has most recently signed a partnership with Hibbett Sports. We see a sneaker in her future. Just watch.
Photo: Rikkí Wright

Yeah, yeah, we know boys can skate board, but the all-female East-Coast crew Skate Kitchen may be giving them a run for their money. They just showed their film at Sundance, and that’s how their 2018 is starting OFF. By the year’s end, they’ll be skating the streets with a pack of security.
Photo: @theskatekitchen/Instagram

No one has more fascinating DIY tutorial vids like Dhukai. We’ve sat in awe (and slight horror) watching her slather jellied Metamucil masks on her face, but damn if we didn’t go and try the same thing. Whatever it takes to achieve her flawless skin! Could we get a book this year, Dhukai? Pleeeeese?
Photo: Cosmopolitan.In

Influenced by her cultural background, the Boricua artist and jewelry designer has created special pieces for some of our faves, like Erykah Badu, Kali Uchis, and Les Nubians. She’s always working her magic on Kelsey Lu and Cosima’s crowns. Her website states that she’s “Celebrating the Beauty, Strength and the Resilience of Women of Color”, and we love and support her for this!
Photo: Nenasoulfly.me

If Rihanna shaves your head in a N.E.R.D. music video, then be prepared for major attention. Mette has been a dancer for Pharrell for over three years, and has made the Lemon dance (choreographed by JaQuel Knight) an Insta challenge overnight. Even still, no one can kill it like she does. Can’t wait to see what dance she'll murder next!
Photo: Vimeo

The co-founder of I.AM.GIA. has had quite a year! Every bad••, influential female in the industry has been photographed wearing her unapologetically bold brand, which has resulted in every bada•• gal out there to scoop up the pieces until they sell out. Since the design crew concepts in an organic nature, it’s tough to assume what they’ll drop next, but it definitely gets us amped.
Photo: Angelo Vasquez/MISSBISH.com

This dope L.A. DJ has an Instagram that’s a huge style (and lifestyle) inspiration moodboard, monthly episodes on NTS with Eddie Bermuda, and a DGAF approach to life’s shenanigans that makes her refreshing and endearing. We’d ask to be her BFF, but her German Shepherd/Timber Wolf mixed pup Larry already has the position on lock.
Photo: @Miacarucci/Instagram

Tough-as-nails and cool-as-hell, the 19-year-old Queens singer has us hyped from her outgoing activism and authentic approach to music. She believes that success does not have to be measured by traditional rules. “I can hold my liquor, but I can’t hold my mouth”, is an example of her fun, yet honest lyrics that we completely relate to. So while her album “Intro To” plays on repeat, we’ll be peeping her on Insta and ready for the next release.
Photo: DazedDigital.com

So, technically she’s a MINIBISH, but we couldn’t help but add her to the list. With the third season of Stranger Things set for late 2018 (or early 2019), Brown has some time to take a break from Eleven and enjoy being a kid. We’re all for it... but we wouldn’t be mad if she wound up releasing a project or two in the meantime.
Photo: L’Officiel Magazine

When are our eyes NOT on Mrs. Knowles Carter, though? We swear the FWT will drop any minute on HBO even though she’s given us no reason to believe so, and a headlining set at Coachella is the perfect time to release new music. With that comes a whole new tour (naturally) so, yeah… looks like we’ve planned the queen’s entire year out for her just now.
Photo: @Beyonce/Instagram

18. YOU!
We couldn’t write a list of bad bishes without including each and every one of you on it. Whatever ideas you’ve been toying around with, whatever adventures you’ve pondered taking, now’s the time to get out there and make it happen. You hold the key to your happiness, and your girls at MISSBISH know you have the power to make your dreams become reality.

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