5 Accessories From Fashion Month That Have Us Pumped

Author: Sarah de Brun
10.07 / Style

Where would our outfits be without the accessories we provide them? It's really the final touches that round out one's style, and after seeing what fashion month has in store for next year, our closet is screaming with anticipation. Naturally, there are tons of sunglasses, clutches, and other pieces that make spring a breeze. Here are a few add-ons you may or may not have noticed make their way down the catwalk. Would you try some of them out?

Protection for Our Bag
Since Creative Director Demna Gvasalia stepped into his role at Balenciaga couple years ago, a more innovative approach has taken over the brand’s design and aesthetic. The latest trick Gvasalia pulled on the runway was a logo-emblazoned rain cover for women’s handbags. While we’d die of embarrassment from throwing our purse into a janky plastic bag, Balenciaga has officially made it cool–hella expensive, but cool.

Jewelry Goes Stag
It never fails. We always end up misplacing one earring from our favorite pair, whether it was a rough night out or it’s lost in the black hole of our many purses. Acne, Rejina Pyo, and Veronique Leroy must have experienced this loss because they’re telling us, “Hey! Let your solo earring have its moment.” You may feel off-balance at first, just even out by tucking your hair behind your ear only on the adorned side and add small studs to the empty side.

Precious, Yet Practical
You know that time of year when you want to wear your cute shoes but the weather is just barely too cold to do so? MSGM solved this fiasco by slipping on socks with their girlie footwear. No, that’s not something new, but the way they bumped up the cool factor was by matching them with everyday kind of socks-boyish tie-dyed, paint splatter, and semi-grandma style. It’s the yin and yang juxtaposition that makes the idea feel renewed.

The Back-Up Plan
Thank you, Virgil Abloh for recognizing the pain of the working city woman. We love our heels, but value comfort even more. At Off-White we saw a few sneakered up models, heels in-hand, heading down the runway as if they were making a beeline to their office. It’s their confident, yes-I-am-carrying-my-office-shoes-with-me demeanor that has us hyped for the sidewalk morning rush come spring.

A Stylish Catastrophe
So it’s a little junior high, but a cast full of your bff’s signatures was all the rage back then. You gained extra attention, and with the option to wrap your arm in colorful plaster there was a personalized element to your style. The runway at Ashley Williams had a few gals walking down with this immobilizing accessory, deeming it ok if you’re accident prone because they’ll always be a way to remain fashionable.

Oh, and also... why didn’t we think of this?
Nina Ricci gave a lace socklette a new job when she paired them with a dainty sandal. And here we were all embarrassed to wear these prior to seeing this style move on the runway. Trying this to-mor-row!

Photos by: Marcus Tondo | Kuba Dabrowski | Giovanni Giannon | Aitor Rosás

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