A Guide to LA Wine by Co-Founder of Alma at The Standard, Ashleigh Parsons

Author: Kristen McCloud
08.12 / Food & Drink

Ashleigh Parsons is deep in the know when it comes to wellness food and culture in Los Angeles. Not only is she a co-founder of the acclaimed Alma restaurant at The Standard in Hollywood, she also runs her own non-profit, Alma Community Outreach, which helps LA schools grow their own produce.

Aside from eating well, Ashleigh also advocates for mindful drinking. Helping to expand the natural wine trend that's picking up in LA, Ashleigh knows just where to go if you want the very best glass. Read on to see her top recommendations for natural wine in LA!

Bar Bambino
It's right around the corner from my house. The vibe is welcoming, unassuming, and comforting. Their list is on point with beautiful by-the-glass pours at affordable prices.

Tabula Rasa
This spot is owned by my former employee at Alma downtown, Zach Negin, who also worked at Bestia. It is located in Thai Town amidst scattered, delicious Thai restaurants. It's intimate, lovely, and Zach and his partner are always tapped into the very best selections.

Domaine LA
Go for the Sunday tastings. Jill is the queen of natural wine here in LA. She's had her shop on Melrose for years and has always been ahead of the curve. I've learned the most about wine from Jill, Lou, and Amy Atwood. Jill's Sunday tastings are always interesting and playful.

Go for the Thursday night tastings. Lou is LA's grandfather of natural wine. Before his wine shop in Los Feliz, he had a restaurant called Lou on Hollywood that was known for its list. Now he has a welcoming shop in Los Feliz with a gorgeous selection of natural wines and my favorite vintage sardines. His tastings are nerdy and intellectual. Subscribe to his newsletters as they're creative and witty.

Silverlake Wine
Randy and April have created a strong community on the east side. Their tastings are all about bringing people together. I especially like their Monday Blues tasting, as it's a good way to meet up with friends at the start of the week.

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