A Lesson On Being Authentically Cool, With Rachel Nguyen

Author: Zenna Wilberg

LA has a reputation for being home to fashion forward individuals, so standing apart from the crowd is no easy feat. That being said, Rachel Nguyen seems to have it figured out, with a particular talent for producing unique, engaging, content that’s also #aestheticgoals. Artistic talents aside, Rachel is also exceptional in that she’s refreshingly humble, which is a part of what makes her personal style so enticing to her audience.

A true OG in the fashion game, Rachel began fashion blogging while in high school more than 10 years ago. At the time, she never saw it as a career, just a creative outlet. Of course, prior to the invention of the widespread use of social media, fashion blogging wasn’t on her radar -- or anyone’s, for that matter. “Like any teenager, it was just a silly outlet for me. I would have never seen it as it is today. It wasn’t even a business option 10 years ago,” she explains.

Though fashion blogging could easily be -- and is, for many -- a superficial career, Rachel hasn’t let that get to her. Her idea of appealing style is simple: be yourself, and own it. “Anyone who is uniquely, boldly, and confidently their own unfiltered human. That’s cool style to me,” she says. She emulates this in terms of her own style too, by “positively going against the grain.”

"Anyone who is uniquely, boldly, and confidently their own unfiltered human. That’s cool style to me."

Being socially conscious is important to her as well, a far cry from naively disregarding that there’s an ugly side to the fashion industry. “I like consignment -- giving things new life. Maybe it’s a part of growing older, or maybe it’s because I’ve been in the blogging realm for years now, but I’m really, really disgusted by consumerism and try not to indulge in it,” Rachel explains. This is reiterated by the most treasured piece in her wardrobe -- a pair of 501 jeans she got nearly ten years ago. “They’re so perfect. I remember buying them thinking they reminded me of a Texan mom which is why I loved them so much. Then, years later, IG exploded the 501 into the 'cool girl pant with the vintage tee.' No point to that other than I find it kinda funny… they evolved with my style and have always remained relevant,” Rachel shares.

There are countless major international cities standing out today in the fashion realm, with a look into their respective styles easily accessible due to the rise of social media. But Rachel calls NYC her fave style-wise, explaining, “As far as I’ve visited, I think I like NY the most. It’s very unapologetic and just, COOL. I find more of the people in NY to be real and secure, and it shows in the way they dress.” But LA is home, and for so many good reasons -- landscape, weather, activities, food. “Every time I arrive at LAX, I am so, so thankful to call LA home,” she says.

For someone with such bomb style and a cool career, Rachel’s also unapologetically honest, humble, and grounded. That truly authentic outlook is one of the things that sets her apart from the masses, summarized by what she says is the most important thing she’s learned, “Not to compare your path with someone else’s.”

Photos By: Christina Choi

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