JLo Shares Her Infinite Wisdom in ‘W’ Magazine’s March 2017 Issue

Author: Jana K. Hoffman
02.03 / Style

In a recent interview with W Magazine for the “Salute to 5 Powerful Women” issue, Jennifer Lopez stated that women feel more comfortable in their skin when they’re older. The 47-year-old refers to her imperfections and makes note of the scars that she likes. “I just appreciate myself in a way that I didn’t when I was that age,” she said in regards to her “super insecure 20s.”

These days, Lopez has nothing to be shy or insecure about. She’s also become immune to the rumor mill (ahem, Drake). We’d outline her accomplishments to date, but the list is impossibly long. So we’ll focus on her current and upcoming engagements, like the release of her new Spanish album, her Las Vegas concert residency that’s booked through fall, and the two shows that she executive produces: Shades of Blue and World of Dance.

At this point, what can’t J.Lo do? Nothing. Nothing is the answer. Read her full interview here.

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