Amari and Jore’ Marshall, two of Beyoncé’s Coachella dancers, on the performance that changed their lives

Author: Anna Maconachy
04.29 / Lifestyle

It's safe to say that Beyoncé's #Beychella performance broke the internet and reminded the world why we love Bey so much. After the jaw-dropping performance, photos of sisters Amari and Jore’ Marshall quickly went viral as fans were praising Beyoncé for including plus-size dancers in her performance.

Amari and Jore' showed up to the audition for this performance without even knowing who they were trying to impress. There was no name attached to the project, which is common in the industry for bigger performances to be kept on the DL. Subtle hints were dropped by choreographers during the audition, and suddenly the sisters realized that this was probably one of the biggest auditions of their lives.

While at first it looked like only Jore' was going to be cast, the odds ended up in their favor and both sisters were ready to take on the stage with Beyoncé. In an interview with The Fader the sisters speak on their childhood, what brought them to this moment, and the cultural impact of the #Beychella performance.


Source: Fader

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