Audrey Tautou From ‘Amélie’ Debuts a Series of Self Portraits

Author: Coco Marett
06.22 / Art

Audrey Tautou has gone from the sweet and dreamy Amélie, to exhibiting nude mugshots in a series of photographs she's taken over the course of her career.

Tautou's photography will make its debut at the Recontres d'Arles festival in France this summer. Her exhibition will feature a selection of self portraits alongside photos she's taken of journalists who have interviewed her. The subject matter offers an interesting contrast - Tautou's intimate self portraiture reflects a private image of herself, while snapshots of journalists reflect those who have shaped her public image since the success of Amélie in 2001.

Tautou told the New York Times that she turned to photography as a creative outlet following the sudden fame and success her role in Amélie brought her in 2001. “I needed to do it,” she said. “Maybe because of what happened to me with this huge celebrity suddenly – it was a way for me to take a bit of distance from the storm.”

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