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Letter From Lindsay | It's All About the Hustle

Leaving that 9 to 5 for that 24/7 I know that itch. I know that seed that keeps growing. I have had that anxiety of going to a job that you don't love. I have stood in a uniform and contemplated WTF I was doing. When did I know I was ready to go out on my own? I didn't ever know for sure, bu

10.02 / Lifestyle

My Rollercoaster Relationship with Yoga | Why I Love It and Why I Hate It

I think it's a fallacy that all yoga practitioners love yoga all the time or #everydamnday. The truth of the practice is that it's constant and never ending as your body and mind change from moment to moment. I have had a love-hate relationship with yoga since I started practicing in 1999. Admitted

02.12 / Fitness

Learn How Selena Gomez Became Instagram's Most Followed Person

At 89 million followers strong (at the time of this post), and no sign of her fan-base slowing down, Selena Gomez is the most followed person on

07.14 / Style

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