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The Staying Power of Jennifer Lopez

An international phenomenon since day one, Jennifer Lopez is still on track and is only getting hotter with age. Since her first debut on the silver screen over twenty years ago in the box-office success, “Selena,” to her universally renowned R&B hits that saw us all

04.16 / Style

Kanye West's $400 'The Life of Pablo' Jacket Is Being Called Out for Copying

In a world of fast fashion, commercialisation, mass reproduction & high-low brow fashion trends, dealing the "copy cat" card in fashion is hard to comprehend in any situation, especially when it's directed at the king of pop culture,

03.31 / Style

Italian Artist Vanessa Beecroft Sits Down with W Magazine | Her Own Words, On Kanye West

After having her work described as "hooters for intellectuals" i

03.18 / Art

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