Bad Girls Do It Well | Leah McSweeney & Laura Stylez

Author: Maria Mora

Leah McSweeney and Laura Stylez are no strangers to badassery. As individuals, both women have established their own respected, thriving careers. When Laura is away from the mic at the Hot97 studios and when Leah takes a mini break from brainstorming for the new Married to the Mob collection, they join forces for some good ol' girl talk. Their collaborative podcast 'Improper Etiquette' holds no punches; discussions about relationships, love, sex, and juicy interviews with some of your favorite girl bosses make for the perfect AM commute listen. We had the chance to speak with the faces behind Improper Etiquette, where they discuss their podcast in full. Check out the interview below!

Tell us about the moment you and Laura met. What inspired you both to take your friendship to the next level & start working together?
We would always link up for coffee and dinner and crack each other up with our crazy stories, but we also had some similar real issues as working women both being in very male dominated industries. We knew our convos had electricity and after months of dreaming about doing an amazing podcast together we finally just f*ckin' did it.

You're already a few episodes in and it's been nothing short of entertaining! Have you both encountered a "creative block" when brainstorming for podcast topics? If so, how did you overcome this?
Honestly no. The key to our success is that we don't really prepare and we don't edit. We are totally organic and authentic. It's imperfect and perfect that way. We both just have great chemistry together because we are both different chicks but at the same time, our personalities compliment each other.

What is the process like when choosing guests for your show?
We choose a variety of guests, from fam and friends to people who inspire us and we can learn from. And also people who we want to support and give a platform to.

“The key to our success is that we don't really prepare and we don't edit. We are totally organic and authentic. It's imperfect and perfect that way."

I love the authenticity that comes across all discussions between you, Laura, and the guest. What is the mission of Improper Etiquette and what do you hope your audience gets from listening?
We speak freely on topics that are usually taboo and we are very sex positive. I mean who doesn't like talking about sex?! We speak openly about our personal lives and that ranges from work, relationships, opinions on social issues, sex of course, and basically girl talk between two intelligent, successful women who aren't afraid to also open up and be vulnerable with our audience.

In an industry where there are many podcasts to listen to, what is the key to standing out and staying true to your audience?
We created Improper Etiquette as a passion project and as a creative outlet other than our creative careers we are already very busy with. We want to stay true to ourselves and know that if we do this, then the audience will be entertained. We have been overwhelmed by the amazing response and amount of emails and love we get. We truly have so much fun doing this.

What can we expect from your podcast in the future?
Improper Etiquette will continue to be raw and real. But we are really focusing on getting guests who can inspire our audience and us. As well as trying to bring out the improper side of them!

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
Women supporting women.

Photos by: Paristoribio