Behind the Scenes of Mario Testino’s ‘Under the Towel’ Series Featuring Bella Hadid

Author: Fiona Dempsey
09.29 / Style

In an effort to share more of his work, Mario Testino has launched his very own online platform, Mira Mira. The legendary photographer will use Mira Mira to share a behind-the-scenes look into some of his most iconic series, as well as unpublished photographs and podcast interviews.

A standout among some of Testino's new content is a behind-the-scenes look at his popular "Towel Series." Some familiar faces in the series include the woman who started it all back in 2013, Kate Moss, as well as Bella Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Justin Bieber and more.

When discussing why he decided to start Mira Mira, Testino explained, "Today, I feel that the books are limited because you can only reach a certain amount of people. Whereas online, you can reach two million people in one go. There’s something about sharing that I find very interesting, and very of today. So it makes sense to put it online."

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of Bella Hadid's "Towel Series" above and head over to for more.

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