Bella Hadid x Chrome Hearts Debuts Collection In London at Selfridges

Author: Sheila Deiz
05.15 / Style

Bella Hadid and Chrome Hearts had an exclusive debut of their new collection in UK's Selfridges. Hadid is definitely no stranger to Selfridges, as she successfully debuted her Dior mascara campaign at the store just a couple of weeks ago.

This time around, with Chrome Hearts' own shops-in-shop at Selfridges, the Chrome Hearts x Bella collection fit in perfectly in the accessories department, alongside some of the brands' core jewelry, handbags and ready-to-wear pieces.

Hadid was accompanied by two very special and talented women - one being her long-time friend and musician, Jessie Jo, and her mother, Laurie Stark, who is also the co-owner of Chrome Hearts. The trio came together to create a beautiful collection, and they've got plans to expand.

Hadid and Jessie Jo have plans to launch a shoe collection, and Laurie excitedly supports the idea, stating, "I’m always hearing them talk about shoes, shoes, shoes and I’m over here trying to work it all out, experiment with factories so when they are ready to make shoes we can make it happen. There’s a shoe heaven right here at Selfridges."

Source: WWD

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