Beyoncé is the Queen of “CALIFUK” in ‘FLAUNT’ Magazine

Author: Coco Marett
09.10 / Style

All hail Queen Bey who, just days after her 34th birthday, was dubbed Queen of "CALIFUK", a fictitious city dreamt up by the folks at FLAUNT Magazine.

"In our fair city of CALIFUK, the threat of drones, falsity, cyber-desecration, and malicious propaganda abound. Survival here is a weighty effort—not for the insincere, the weak. For our success as a supercity isn’t pegged to the yuan, to seasons, to buying. This is not Manhattan Island, not a fashion’s fight out. This is a movement—not available for streaming, or indices—about place-making and cultured fissure. And abandon. And intimacy. And her," wrote FLAUNT Magazine.

Donning a long side plait, barely there makeup and equally barely there outfits, Beyonce slays in the series of black and white photos by Robin Harper. Check out the FLAUNT Magazine spread above.

Source: Flaunt

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