Blooming in the Concrete Jungle | Olivia Rose of Bodega Rose

Author: Angela Fernandez / Photos: Valine Brana
12.12 / MB Series

Our newest MISSBISH, Olivia Rose, makes us look at the landscape in a different light. She allows us to see plants as more than just plants. By using her surroundings in NYC as inspiration, Olivia has been able to share her art in a way that appeals to young and old alike. We had the chance to interview her to get to know more about her beautiful soul and work, check out her story below...

Tell us a little about how you became interested in landscape design/architecture. What was your first experience with landscape design?
I became interested in landscapes growing up in new york city and seeing how small patches of green can pop in an otherwise all-concrete world. My first experience was with landscape architecture when I was in college, taking courses at Cornell.

You mix streetwear culture into your designs, with your Air Max 95 and Louis Vuitton x Supreme planters being one example. Why do you use this as a part of your work?
My background is in fine art and design as well as landscape architecture so I like to keep an open mind when it comes to materials, ideas, and inspirations. Taking existent images and designs and mutating them into a more organic realm using plants is just something I love to do.

Bootleg culture is something that I've always been interested in since high school when I'd cop designer merchandise on Canal Street. There's something about a bootleg that somehow transcends the original and I think this is why a lot of the brands that have been bootlegged have started to reappropriate their own bootlegs. Moving through the creative world has made me realize there is a dance between perception and reality, especially as many design houses move their production to factories that make designer goods and "fakes" in the same building, cut from the same cloth. What is the real, and what is the fake?

Can you share with us the most creative work-related project you have completed?
I would say working with Gypsy Sport for their NYFW show was super fun. We worked together to flip our basketball planter and instead made these beautiful soccer planters with the Gypsy Sport and Bodega Rose logos on them that really popped on the runway.

Being from New York City with its fast-paced lifestyle, where do you draw your inspiration from?
I draw my inspiration from everywhere - from the woman wearing heels to the gym to make sure her look is fit for the judgmental eye of NY's sidewalks, to the trash people put on the curb. New York's trash is honestly better than the finest products from everywhere else in the world. (Don't quote me on that if i ever leave NY.)

What are three hidden gems in NYC?
NYC has changed so fast, there are so few hidden gems left and even fewer that I want to tell the world about, but my personal favorites are the flower district in Manhattan where you can just walk around and feel like you're in a truly urban jungle and meet the most OG people who school you on plants and life. Chop Suey Club Hester Street on the Lower East Side where you have the coolest mixture of art objects from all over the world in one space, and of course Porto Rico Coffee, who's been grinding beans way before Starbucks invaded your hood.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH means to me, self-assured style.

Who is your MISSBISH?
My mom is 100% the OG MISSBISH because she's just that girl. She enters a store and everyone is drawn to her, hanging on her every word. She has a presence like no one else I've ever met and I try to channel her as much as possible.

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