Byredo is Launching a New Handbag Line

Author: Alayya Arrison
09.12 / Style

The fragrance brand Byredo is preparing to launch its first handbag line, and they're to die for.

The collection is made up of 54 handbags including three clutches, six wallets, and a credit card holder made in Italy using French calfskin, lizard, and python. The release follows a test run of leather accessories back in 2015.

"It was an idea I wanted to explore for some time," says Ben Gorham, owner of Byredo. "Byredo was always just a vehicle for us to express ideas, but it was important to establish the fragrance category first. I always imagined there would be other facets to express the brand, and I was surprised to see how well our process of creating product translated to handbags."

Gorham says that it did, however, take some time to produce the perfect products to establish themselves in the new industry. The company held studies to show specifically what their customers are interested in and what they are against. In order to create the best of the best, Byredo enlisted specialists from fashion empires such as Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Dior. "The team is built up around production and quality control... both our organization and our distribution was geared up essentially as a beauty company, and I felt like if we were going to launch handbags we needed to build up the organization to be able to handle it."

Many are asking if there will ever be a full Byredo fashion line. To which Gorham says, "Our process is slow and builds on the idea of achieving a level of perfection. Fashion is fast and forced to reinvent itself many times throughout the year... to be honest, I'm not sure I'm wired for it."

The handbags will launch on September 28 with retail partners Selfridges in the UK, Wooster, Barneys in the US, and MS6 in Sweden.

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