The cannaBISH Guide to Rolling The Perfect Joint

Author: Rebecca Lin / Photos: Rebecca Lin

Step One 
Cut the roach paper to around 30mm, hold it with one hand and use the other to roll the roach back and forth to a natural tight curl.

Step Two
Pinch out some baccy and loosely sprinkle evenly along the paper. Don't Salt Bae it, keep it tidy.
TIP: Ensure a gap at the end of the paper to prevent spillage during the rolling process.

Step Three 
Grind up some of your favorite bud and carefully pour/tap/sprinkle the remnants evenly on top of the baccy.

Step Four 
Roll the paper back and forth, starting from the roach end to create structure, to the other. Tuck in the corner of the paper (roach end) and lick the glued section to seal your spliff.
TIP: Pinching and rolling the roach end of the paper with less movement but with a tighter grip than the other end, will help create the perfect cone shape.

Step Five
Pack the spliff by tapping it against a flat surface. Twist the end of the remaining paper whilst pushing down slightly to create a flat top, ensuring a smooth lighting and smoking experience. Cut the twisted end off and light it up!