Caroline Bentley Noble Gets Hands On with Street Brand v2bentley

Author: Sarah de Brun

Just when you thought streetstyle was starting to get predictable, Caroline Bentley Noble shows up with her far-out-there brand, v2bentley to flip the script. You've definitely seen the Kardashian-Jenner crew hitting the sidewalks of Los Angeles in a few of Nobel's customized pieces, and who could forget the bedazzled mask Rihanna rocked with her denim-on-denim festival ensemble back in April? Go ahead and give props to v2bentley for that one.

What's so unique about the Kentucky native's design process is that she uses her client's social media accounts to completely personalize the look she's going for. From there, Noble works by hand–beading, re-sewing, bleaching, and painting everything from leather jackets to sweatsuits. The one-of-a-kind clothing line feels like an exclusive Friday night house party, where rules get bent and everyone ends up having the best time. To keep the fun vibes alive, we hit it off with a speed round of questions before diving into what fuels Nobel and her high-energy creativity.

Cold brew or matcha?  Cold brew baby.

Beach or downtown? Beach!

Rhinestones or tie dye? REALLY HARD DECISION, but rhinestones.

Tacos or pho? Taco Tuesday every day.

Early bird or night owl? Early bird.

Girls night out or kicking it solo? Girls night out.

Keep it together or keep it real? Keep it REAL.

I never leave home without... my water bottle and my phone.

The piece I've created that I'm most obsessed with is... my hand-painted Birkin.

Favorite city... TOKYO

Favorite mistake.... Splatter-painting my mom’s entire bathroom in high school (OOPS).

In five years I'm going to be... enjoying my career and traveling the world.

In five words or less, where did the brand name v2bentley come from?
A twist on my middle name! (Caroline Bentley Noble)

Run me through your creative process…
Wake up EARLY. Walk my dog, Jasper. Sweat at Barry’s Bootcamp or Sweat Garage… or maybe a hike. Take a look at my daily goals, emails, etc. and then get to work! Blast some SZA or Kehlani to get me in the feels and start creating. Sometimes it’s sewing, sometimes painting… just depends on what the day calls for.

What’s your favorite memory as a child?
Hanging out with my grandmother and creating things with her. She always had fun activities for us to do! Nothing was better than that.

If you could come back as any other person or animal, who/what would it be?
Oooh! A dolphin. They have more feeling receptors than humans. I am a water baby already! I would love to explore the ocean.

Whose social media accounts are at the top of your list?
@Lirika.Matoshi - An amazing artist out of NYC.

@betches - Memes are always a good idea. I probably spend way too much time looking at them.

@elizabethsulcer - She is some rare form of a goddess/stylist/human.

@marnixmarni Beyoncé’s longtime stylist, and she just got her own line of Barbies! I mean, talk about women changing the game.

“I’ve just always known I had to create things. It's like a little fire inside of me that I can't put out... It brings me so much joy."

What’s the best recipe for a great Instagram?
Variety! I like to post a little of everything. Art, quotes, food, sometimes a selfie, my dog... anything that lets people know a little more about YOU.

Tell us about your next goal professionally.
I would love to sell my clothes in a few stores in Asia. #Goals

What trait of yours are you most proud of?
My uncanny ability to never take no for an answer. ;)

Name a “flaw” of yours that you embrace and love.
My ability to take on way too many responsibilities at once. Still working on that.

Best thing that happened all week?
Dressing Sofia Richie! She had been a muse of mine for a while and it was really exciting to see her in my pieces.

If you could live in any other era, what would it be?
The 1990s! I’m a ’92 baby and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I draw so much inspiration from that time period.

Say you’re going through a creative block - what do you do to get out of it?
Step away completely from creating and do something else. Workout, call my grandma, grab a bite to eat, and revisit the project a little later with a fresh mind.

Describe the moment you knew painting and designing were your destiny.
I’m not sure if it was an exact moment that I realized that. I’ve just always known I had to create things. It's like a little fire inside of me that I can't put out. I’ve been doing it since I was teeny tiny. It brings me so much joy.

What advice would you give to girls growing up today?
Don’t let social media define you. I know it can be a job platform these days and that is amazing, but I find it scary when people attach too much of their self-worth to an amount of “likes” or “followers."

What message do you want to send to the women out there?
Do not limit yourself EVER. PERIOD. If there is a goal you have, do everything you can to reach it, no matter how many obstacles may arise, just keep going. The process is beautiful.

Describe your proudest moment as an artist.
When Kendall Jenner wore my Bompton t-shirt in Vogue. Bompton meets Malibu! I was really excited about that!

Who's your main MISSBISH?
My granny! She is 82 and is one of my best friends on the planet.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
Following your heart (no matter how CRAZY others think you are)  and pursuing a career that makes you happy.

Photos by: Christina Choi

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