Catching Up With Charli XCX at We The Fest


October 10, 2017


Uncensored and unapologetic, Charli XCX has grown to be one of the music industry’s favorite females in Pop. From dancing with booze-drinking zombies in her “After the After Party” music video to producing anthems that celebrate hookup culture, Charli clearly shows that she’s always down for a good time. But, that’s just in her nature. We met up with Charli at Indonesia’s premier live music festival, We The Fest, to learn about her story, her music, and how she became one of Pop’s favorite party girls.

The British singer used to perform at raves in London back in the day and at 15, she became inspired by artists under the record label Ed Banger. “Whenever I listened to their music it made me feel cool or made me want to go and party,” she explains. “It got me excited and made me want to create a world like that for myself.” Perhaps Charli’s love for partying and struggle with fitting into any kind of mold have contributed to her success–which we’re not mad about. “There is pressure for sure; to be a certain way, or say the right things… I’m really bad at that,” she admits. “Life’s short, so I just try and surround myself with good people and be myself.”

The Pop genre specifically has allowed for Charli to fully express herself. “I think I’ve always embraced Pop, now I just love it more than ever!” she exclaims. Not only does her music serve as a creative outlet, but it also helps her to grow and combat any fears of staying stuck in one place, both personally and professionally. “[Pop music] morphs and changes all the time and that’s so exciting, I hate it when things become stagnant and stay the same,” she tells us.

“Being different is beautiful and there is no such thing as perfect. It’s all about being yourself and loving yourself!”

Charli has definitely showcased her versatility over the years; her song “Boom Clap” backed the heavy and heartwrenching film, The Fault in Our Stars while “Drop That Kitty” played on repeat in clubs for the entirety of 2015. Aside from performing songs of her own and being featured on those of fellow major artists, a lesser known fact is that Charli dabbles in songwriting as well. Although not all of her work has come to fruition, she’s been recruited by Britney Spears, Rita Ora, Rihanna, and more. “I really love songwriting. It’s so fun and it’s where I feel most creative,” Charli says. “If an artist ever decides to sing one of my songs, I’m so so honored and thankful. I love it when a song I wrote takes on a new story and meaning.”

Beyond music, Charli is also an advocate for HIV/AIDS research and has even partnered with Kiehl’s and amfAR in support of the fight against the disease. “…they hope to find a cure in the year 2020. amfAR is such an amazing organization who raise so much money and awareness for this cause, it’s really inspiring. And the same goes for Kiehl’s, I have learned so much from my work with them.” All about positivity, Charli hopes that her charitable efforts and uplifting music will empower the masses. “Being different is beautiful and there is no such thing as perfect. It’s all about being yourself and loving yourself!” Charli says, lending us advice that we can all benefit from. Props to her for sending out a positive message–and having a good *ss time while doing it.

Photographer: Bukunmi Grace