Andrea Maack / New Fragrance - DARK

Fragrance brand Andrea Maack releases “Dark.” The rose scent is mixed with violet and a musk leather perfume. Head over to the Andrea Maack 

12.10 / Beauty

Amber Liu Shares Her Favorite Acne-Fighting Lush Face Mask

K-Pop star Amber Liu has posted her "Daily Skin Routine" via YouTube, sharing her go-to routine to fight acne, along with her favourite skincare products. Check it out

11.22 / Beauty

Kylie Jenner Shared Sneak Peek of Sparkly High Gloss Lip Glosses

Beauty mogul Kylie Jenner took to Instagram recently to tease her fans with a new product. High Gloss delivers seven shimmery lip glosses, something we’re not used to

11.04 / Beauty

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