03.17 / Lifestyle

Adwoa Aboah Talks Her Second Gurls Talk Festival

Adowa Aboah and her best friend Holly Gore have founded a place where girls can find, as Aboah told Vanity Fair, “everything I ever needed when I was at school.

03.14 / Lifestyle

Off-White Breaking The Boundaries with An Elevator Music-Inspired Fragrance

Off-White is dropping its debut beauty product, with a new fragrance capsule in collaboration with

03.11 / Beauty

What Went Down at Our MISSBISH Sessions: #CommitToYou

Our MISSBISH Slack Sessions are one of our favorite ways to connect with women all over the world. There is nothing like getting to talk in real-time to those who are not only hustling but also super supportive! This past session, we focused on women who were featured in our

03.06 / #CommitToYou

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