Get To Know Artist On The Rise, Kiana Ledé

Kiana Ledé, our newest MISSBISH, is a pretty big deal; not only is her debut EP Selfless gaining over 20 million streams, but she also landed a starring role in All About the Washingtons alongside Rev Run. The young LA-based artist is full of soul and passion fo

12.05 / MB Series

Make Up Artist Turned Creative Director | MISSBISH Celina Rodriguez

Make-up artist turned creative director, Celina Rodriguez tells us how she got started in the entertainment industry. She's worked with big

11.21 / MB Series

Not Just One Thing | Fashion Stylist and Co-Founder of OUR Bakery Hanyoung Seo

The MISSBISH team and our friends at Vans know that you don't ever have to be constrained to just one career. We've teamed up to showcase those who are 'Not Just One Thing', for inspiration and advice for those of us who refuse to limit ourselves. Hanyoung Seo was

11.13 / #CommitToYou

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