Chloe x Halle Partner With Benjamin Shine on 29Rooms Art Exhibit

Author: Marguerite Castaneda
09.21 / Art

Refinery29 hosted the third annual 29Rooms--an art installation aimed to incorporate fun, color, style, and technology during this year's New York Fashion Week. The event sells out every year, and each year we look on while attendees post pics of the rooms all over Instagram. One of the rooms we wished we could have seen IRL was the room created by singing sister duo, Chloe x Halle.

The Chloe x Halle room was a collaboration between the singers and artist Benjamin Shine. Visitors were able to experience a song composed by them while a moving wire sculpture hung from the ceiling. The music was composed specifically for 29Rooms and the sisters shared, "We wanted to musically show synergy and love. Harmonies and backgrounds are our favorite part to arrange, so it only took about 20 minutes to complete. First we laid down vocals, and once we got the vibe we wanted [we] added some subtle synths and FX to build suspense. Then it was complete!"

The artist, Benjamin Shine, also shared his inspiration behind the piece, "My work with tulle and translucent materials explores the relationship between the superficial and the spiritual. In a time of overwhelming mass distraction and high-speed information, I sense a great need for opportunities to reconnect with the true self. My work aims to provide a moment of focus and reflection, where the viewer is drawn in [and] captivated to the degree that they slow down to literally make sense of what they are seeing -- to hopefully elicit a form of meditation that results in a moment of clarity. In the case of this installation, the helix slowly rotates from a cloud of chaos into clarity: into harmony."

While 29Rooms is now closed--Refinery29 recently revealed that they will be taking all of the most loved installations to Los Angeles along with some brand new ones! The installation will run from December 7 to 10 and tickets are available online now.

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