Cindy Crawford & Natalie Portman’s Facialist Is Launching the World’s Best Neck Mask & More

Author: Anna Maconachy
03.26 / Beauty

Celebrity facialist Thuyen Nguyen works with Celebrities like Katy Perry, Cindy Crawford, Natalie Portman, and Uma Thurman. His custom product formulations, like the skin toning method known as "FaceXercise," helped earn him his spot as one of Hollywood's most coveted facialists.

While he is known for giving his clients products in label-less bottles featuring their names written in Sharpie, he has finally decided to share his gift with the rest of the world. Next month, his 13-piece skin-care range will be available for purchase online and at the West Village boutique Aedes de Venustas. According to Vogue, "He was 8-years-old when he first slathered fresh tomatoes and rice flour (an ingenious DIY addition that made the fruit—and its peeling powers—stay, instead of slide) across his face, and just 20 when he began crafting self-made oil blends that once and for all cured his lifelong struggle with acne."

One product that the public is particularly excited about getting their hands on is the Nightly Smoothing Neck Masque. The mask is an invisible leave-on layer that is formulated with a tightening vegan jelly and soothing rose water. He says that he makes his clients lives easier because "they don't have to cover up as much." Be on the lookout for Nguyen's products to be available in April 2018.

Source: Vogue

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