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Author: Kristen McCloud / Photos: Christina Choi
01.29 / #CommitToYou

Last year was a big one for QUIÑ. The singer and "fantasy girl" came into her own with her music, releasing multiple singles and her first EP, dubbed DREAMGIRL. Aside from her music, we're sure you have seen QUIÑ front female-focused campaigns worldwide and she's always supporting the girls by her side along the way. We chatted with the rising star and learned that she's just as dreamy on the inside as she is on the outside, and her fem-power mindset aligns perfectly with what we're about. Check her out in our new apparel above, and read on to get to know how she strives to live her best life. You can shop the MISSBISH apparel collection now, here.

What does it mean to you to commit to yourself?
Committing to yourself means showing up for you, being accountable for you, making sure you don’t break any promises to you.

Since starting your journey of committing to yourself, what are some challenges or insecurities you've faced along the way?
I grew up mega shy to a point where attention would just make me cry and wanna run away. But once I saw the big picture I promised myself a commitment to my gifts and made a bet that no matter how shy or uncomfortable it made me, if the moment came up to sing or share my writing I’d do it every time. Gotta just face the fears and see what they show you. Mine showed me that what I was afraid of ended up being my thing for life. The fears were just dramatic 'cause they wanted me to pay attention to them so bad, lol.

How did you overcome them and how do you continue to do so?
I just remember my rule and I make sure to come through for my gifts like they come through for me--I’m just grateful to have them.

How can we start and spread the #committoyou conversation and help other women to start putting themselves first?
We just have to lead by example and be a sistergirl to all of your loved ones when they need your support.

"...take time to learn what you naturally love and be confident in that love."

How has music helped you in your #committoyou journey?
It’s like my love and need to make music are what hold me accountable for keeping my promises to myself.

We visited your home and noticed that you have an ethereal style and live in a space that you really connect with. Any tips for others in creating spaces that they love and foster a #committoyou mindset?
Wherever and whatever the space is, make sure you make it feel safe to be free in it. Your space helps you learn a lot about yourself; what you like, what you need. I’m just collecting as I live and realizing what I wanna have around me when I wake up.

How do you want your music to influence those who listen to it?
I want it to bring peace and realization and make people think so that they can find their own stories within mine; get reconnected to their crazy imaginations.

As someone with bold style, what advice do you have for others to embrace what makes them unique and step outside of their comfort zone?
Stepping out of my comfort zone was just stepping into my self. So I would say to take time to learn what you naturally love and be confident in that love. Be confident in your taste in things and if something makes you feel good, you good.

Where do you hope your #committoyou journey takes you next?
Way high.

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