Companies Are Now Paying Beauty Influencers For Negative Reviews About Competitors

Author: Zenna Wilberg
09.06 / Beauty

According to some prevalent makeup artists, companies are now paying beauty influencers to speak negatively about their competitors' products.

Check out some of their posts below!

I'd like to thank @marlenastell for having the courage to publish a YouTube video exposing what's going on behind the scenes in the cosmetic industry. I've attempted to shed light on the mobster-like behavior of top-level beauty influencers and their management… and I've been accused of jealousy, called a liar and hater. FACT: A brand I consulted with asked me to inquire about working with a top-level beauty influencer. The influencer's management offered me these options: 1) $25K - product mention in a multi-branded product review. 2) $50K-$60K - dedicated product review (price determined by length of video). 3) $75K-$85K - dedicated negative review of a competitor's product (price determined by length of video). 4) A minimum 10% affiliate link or code to use on IG and YT. Yes, option #3 is legit - payment to damage the competition's business. I told you it was mob-like behavior. The demands and threats of "influencers" and their management have GOT TO STOP. The lack of disclosure by top-level influencers is FRAUD and it's time for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to step in, start charging fines and shut this bullsh*t down. To the followers/subs who STILL refuse to believe their idols are thugs - pull your head out of your favorite beauty influencer's ass and SEE what's actually going on in this industry. #beautyinfluencers #fraud #FTC #makeup #makeupeducation

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Source: The Verge