Companies Like Sephora are Bringing Women in Tech to Light

Author: Zenna Wilberg
10.10 / Beauty

Many companies have come under fire recently for their low employment of women in tech, but companies like Sephora are changing that.

Women make up an impressive 62% of Sephora's tech employees, compared to only 23% of the top 75 Silicon Valley companies' tech workers, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. A Sephora employee who held various digital roles says of the first meeting she attended, "Everyone spoke, and felt comfortable offering opinions on anything from e-commerce to a shade of blush."

The company focuses on empowering women and encouraging their growth, even women who might not have all the necessary skills- yet. "Even if a female candidate doesn’t have all the requirements for a technical job, we want that person to come in and show what they can do," says the company's VP of talent.

Companies like Sephora are changing the game for women in tech. Learn more at the Wall Street Journal!

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