Daniel Arsham Presents a Modern Take on Japanese Zen Gardens With “Blue Garden”

Author: Lindsay Jernigan
09.21 / Art

Fresh off of his "Lunar Sand" installment in New York City, artist Daniel Arsham has just unveiled his latest sculpture in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the city's Oi Futuro institute, dedicated to culture, education, and sustainability.

The artwork is Arsham's take on traditional Japanese gardens, using sand, stone, wood, concrete, and plants. It is a commentary on the contrast between ancient and modern, using petrified modern objects. Given that Arsham is colorblind, the bright blue hue is an interesting choice. In fact, the artist requires specialized eyewear to allow him to see the hues.

"Blue Garden" can be seen at the Flamengo Park in Rio de Janeiro.

Source: DesignBoom

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