Daniel Arsham | Welcome to the Future | Art Basel Miami 2014

Author: Lindsay Jang
12.09 / Art

The archaeologist of our recent past and present, Daniel Arsham, has out-done himself again. Last week, during Art Basel Miami at Locust Projects, the New York-based artist revealed his latest site-specific installation, an excavation ground of future relics aptly titled "Welcome to the Future." In perfect Arsham fashion, he took us through time to a place where the technologies of our very recent past resemble artifacts like dinosaur remnants, making us question the speed at which we digest and dispose of all material things in our lives. His technique of false calcification brings immense authenticity to the things that we just held such close attachment to, like VHS tapes, Walkmans, land line telephones and film reels. If you have the opportunity to travel in time to a place you remember dearly, don't miss the chance.

Source: Arrested Motion

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