Daniel Arsham’s Limited Edition Pieces Allows Buyers To Break His Cracked Bears

Author: Angela Fernandez
09.08 / Art

New York based artist Daniel Arsham has released a limited edition piece shortly after announcing his upcoming exhibition. CRACKED BEAR will be available for fans to purchase and is constructed of fabric, pigment, and plaster that once cracked will reveal the complete form of the sculpture.

The CRACKED BEAR is available on Daniel Arsham’s website now.


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CRACKED BEAR is an Arsham Studio edition releasing September 7th at Noon EST, at danielarsham.com/shop. The sculpture is made with fabric, plaster, and pigment. To complete the form, use the gloves provided to break the plaster reinforcement layer. Each CRACKED BEAR is unique in this way, manufactured to the specifications of its owner. CRACKED BEAR comes in a sealed, studio designed housing unit packed with Arsham Studio Standard bio-degradable packing peanuts with a pair of white art handling gloves . CRACKED BEAR is an edition of 500 pieces, with a holographic label verifying its edition number and authenticity. CRACKED BEAR is incomplete until further cracked by your hands.

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