Delikate Rayne Is Your New Favorite Vegan Designer

Author: Lindsay Jernigan / Photos: Christina Choi
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Ever think about becoming more socially and environmentally conscious of where your clothes come from? Or maybe you wonder what the fuss is all about? Perhaps you're of the mindset that fashion-forward clothing can't also be sustainable and vegan. Sister designer duo Meg and Komi Vora are proving that you can save the planet and look amazing while doing it. These two have taken vegan clothing and turned up the volume on what is sustainable high fashion. Their clothing line, Delikate Rayne, works passionately with organizations around the world, dedicated to improving the planet and lives of animals everywhere. Not to mention, their designs are innovative and effortlessly chic. Whether you're considering taking the plunge into the vegan lifestyle or simply looking to learn a little bit more about it, these two are definitely women you want to know.

How did the idea of Delikate Rayne come about?

We started a few years ago out of a love for fashion, animals, and the desire to contribute something meaningful to the world, even if it was just through the spreading of knowledge or making consumers more aware of how their buying habits have social and environmental impacts. It was important to us to at least get the conversation started. As we continued to dig deeper into staying consistent with our upbringing (born and raised vegetarian now vegan, being brought up on the principles of Jainism/Hinduism which relies heavily on the concept of Ahimsa), we realized we had the diet and a lot of the lifestyle part down but were still having trouble with curating a compassionate yet stylish closet. We were coming up empty-handed for the most part on options. That's when it hit and we saw an opportunity to create and offer cruelty-free and ethically constructed pieces that embodied a certain aesthetic and overall vibe that couldn't be found amongst the other vegan clothing options that were out. Something that speaks to today's females of tomorrow that looked and felt as good on physically as it would for your heart; guilt-free luxury if you will.

What is sustainable fashion and why is it important?

It is the cultivation of many components (including the fabrics being used for the garments, the working conditions and wages of the people making the clothes, how the planet is impacted after it is made, etc.). Sustainable fashion goes hand in hand with being kind to our environment, being responsible and aware of our resources and also treating garment workers like human beings. This means reading labels (where was it made, what is it composed of), becoming more knowledgeable about what the items in your closet are made out of so when you are washing them (did you know by using cold water, you will personally reduce your carbon dioxide footprint by 350 pounds a year, or 0.05%?) or are done with them you are implementing the steps that are helping to solve a problem rather than adding to it, re-using what you have or coming up with new ways to utilize it, and making better purchasing decisions. If you haven't seen True Cost, it is a wonderful eye opening documentary that showcases the way fashion immensely impacts the planet and other human beings. Sustainable fashion is the tip of the iceberg, as we become more cognizant about more viable and green patterns of consumption and use, we can hopefully necessitate shifts in individual attitudes and behavior towards this - we collectively have to move forward as a society to engage in sustainability all around as it is the only way we will be able to maintain life on earth. Perhaps these little steps don't seem like they would be significant in helping, but like crowdfunding, if we all contribute, we will make a big difference.

Being that you two are sisters, how do you balance your personal relationship vs your professional relationship?

We already know for the most part each other’s strengths and weaknesses being sisters, so that's definitely an advantage when it comes to business. We spend so much time together that we just have this innate intuition about each other. It’s bizarre but helpful. Also, you don't have as much trial and error - we already know what each other can and can't do. This way we can get things done more quickly or know out the gate what is and isn’t going to work. Often times our business stuff overlaps into more fun things because the fashion industry embodies a lot of that..there ends up being a lot of social overlap where we hang in addition to working together so we definitely need a break here and there. The downfall at times is because we are so close professionally and personally there are always blurred lines and sometimes navigating those can get tricky but we make it work!

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

This is something that changes constantly. It's always different facets of our lives and experiences that play a part. Right now it's really about what we don't know that is motivating us. Like what's the next big thing in textiles that we can use as an alternative to leather (pineapple leaves, apple peels, mushroom caps, and fermented kombucha tea are all on deck) or silk (banana plant stock or spiderwebs)? Also, the constant idea of what we can do to make something better or provide a solution instead of generating a new set of issues.

What do you all feel is the future of sustainable fashion?

Fashion is already embracing eco-friendliness to a certain degree and as we continue to learn about the detrimental effects of the industry on the environment there is going to be no choice but to operate in a way that incorporates sustainability wholeheartedly.

Who is your MISSBISH?

MV: The modern alpha female... particularly anyone who has had the courage to stand up for what they believe in or think is right - be it by having a difficult conversation, embarking on a journey via a road less traveled, communicating an unpleasant truth, etc...

KV: Any female that goes against the norm and instead uses her passion and beliefs to create the life she is dreaming of. She doesn't conform to society's expectations and is living her ultimate truth.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?

MV: Being your own hero... an unapologetic, free-spirited yet fierce individual who beats to the march of their own drum. A person who is making a difference in their own way and that's enough. It's OK to be the black sheep of your family/social circle; even if we are on different paths to accomplishing what we want doesn't mean we shouldn't be traveling together.

KV: A fierce confident bada*s female who is paving her own way in life.

What are 3 hidden gems in Los Angeles?

MV: The bridge to nowhere (especially for all of you that need to get out of your Runyon rut), Crumbs and Whiskers, and The Bunny Museum in Altadena.

KV: Chandelier Tree in Silverlake, Stunt Road, and the Venice Canals.

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Meg & Komi's Hair Stylist: Diana Demirchyan