In Depth With ADER ERROR

Author: Heejung Kim / Photos: Christina Choi
04.11 / MB Series

Visually compelling with beautiful editorials and unconventional fashion designs, ADER ERROR swooped in like a storm in December 2014 with a team from diverse backgrounds that wanted to make something creative and fun. "We created the brand to communicate with people through our contemporary, minimal, but easy contents based on cool fashion. Like our brand slogan ‘But near missed things,' our main inspiration is based on the things we see on a daily basis around us. We always look around us and get inspiration from them," say the designers behind ADER ERROR.

The name ADER ERROR derives from this: A stands for "aesthetic," D stands for "drawing," and ER stands for someone who does something (like a painter or writer, perhaps) thus coining the term ADER, as someone who focuses on aesthetics.

ERROR could mean something negative such as failing or making mistakes, but no one and nothing can be perfect; therefore the word is used as an expression of imperfection within the brand name to portray what the brand is all about: aesthetic imperfection. "We usually make normal things abnormal, and complex things easy and friendly for people to support them and experience art, fashion, and culture easily." It's all about editing everything down and making it right for the muse of ADER ERROR, and soon enough, it may not only be fashion that they are offering to the table.

When it comes to creating a new collection, the change of gender roles along with the development of new technology and social media all feed into the designers of ADER ERROR's creative process. This allows them to see new ideas for cuts, silhouettes, colors, and use of materials through the flow of culture, freeing them from designing within gender-specific categorizations. It helps "people think objectively and unglue them from binary and vertical thinking," explains the team. "We have a plan to refine and subdivide our designs which we haven’t experienced to express in the ADER DNA." Everything around the designers such as food, furniture, art, people, and diverse cultures serve as inspiration for them, and with the process of "editing" comes a product unique to ADER.

ADER ERROR's flagship store is another unique piece of their identity with a special story behind it. Built around the early 1970s, the building was occupied by an old couple before the transformation. Cozy and trustworthy, this vintage gem was handed to the ADER team after the couple said they felt the house was too big to live in without any other family members. To preserve the charming space, the team decided to keep the basement, stairs, walls, and the structure of the building in its original condition, while remodeling the rest to create a space fit for the brand, as they told us, "We focused on making sure people were able to see, touch, smell, hear, linger, and experience the ADER space, getting a better understanding of the ADER identity. It's the perfect space to meet visitors and customers in person, different from the online space. In the near future, we’ll introduce some more interesting projects relating to the space."

ADER ERROR is always in the process of trying more things they have yet to do before and make an effort to impact the world through their distinct culture and style. "There will be interesting projects in the coming year," the designers shared. "There are some pop-up launches with some amazing partners worldwide, fresh content, new flagship stores, and new collaborations with brands and artists that have their own DNA known to the world. Please look forward to hearing more from us."

If you haven't heard about ADER ERROR yet, now you know. This cool Korean streetwear brand stole the hearts of many and is sure to become a global phenomenon. Make sure to stop by the ADER ERROR Flagship Store located in Hongdae--you can find the address below and get a peek inside using the gallery above.

ADER ERROR Flagship Store 
413 -1, Seogyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 04041