Dolores Tersigni Joins Meditation App Headspace as Chief People Officer

Author: Ximena Blanco
08.04 / Tech

Former VP of Talent at Netflix, Dolores Tersigni has just started a new position as Chief People Officer for the meditation app, Headspace.

Tersigni will be in charge of crafting Headspace's company culture and help with recruiting new talent. “They haven’t really had anyone in my role before,” Tersigni states. “Trying to define what that means, how to bring the culture to life, how everyone in the company speaks the same language - that’s going to be the big challenge."

Tersigni was building a team for Netflix's content division before she left the company earlier this year, during which she had her first encounter with Headspace. According to Tersigni, Headspace had been mentioned over five times in a span of two weeks, which made her wonder, "why does this company keep coming up?"

Now that she's joined Headspace, Tersigni has been tasked with overseeing the wellbeing of its employees. In our modern society, companies are increasingly promoting their offices as fun (like Google's famous Zurich HQ toboggan and "no one can be more than 100 meters away from food" rule) and nurturing spaces. Employees are now more concerned than ever with having a pleasant, enjoyable, and creative work environment.

It will be interesting to see how a meditation app faces the challenge of building a company culture around mindfulness. We're excited to see what's in store!