Drake Covers Art Issue of “W” Magazine Illustrated by KAWS

Author: Udit
10.16 / Art

There hasn't been a day where Drake hasn't made headlines. Today, the 29-year-old 6 God is the cover story for W Magazine's latest art issue with illustrations by KAWS. Lynn Hirschberg sits down with Drake as they discuss  art, his hometown of Toronto, girls (of course) and more.

"Lynn Hirschberg: What was it like being a muse for this project for W?
It’s the first time I’ve ever been a “muse,” but I’m used to collaborating. Curiosity is the best part of working with any kind of artist. You want to see how somebody else’s process works. It’s like learning a secret. My mother was a teacher, and she brought all kinds of things into our house. So I learned early on that inspiration could come in many forms, from many people.....

You still live in Toronto. Most people leave…
Really? Most people I know stay in Toronto. I plan to spend the rest of my life there. The talk, the smell, the sound that comes out of that city is home to me. When I think about the girls I want to get romantic with, it’s a girl from Toronto who knows what I’m talking about when we drive around the city." 

Read the full interview here.

Source: W Magazine

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