Drunk Elephant Can Do No Wrong

Author: Marguerite Castaneda
08.10 / Beauty

Skincare brand Drunk Elephant may be a newbie in the scene, but it has already made a huge impact on the beauty community. The numbers don't lie, it has already grown 600% at Sephora and has an estimated sales of $30 million USD in 2016. Their revenue for 2017 is anticipated to double that amount.

Drunk Elephant also has a whopping number of 107K followers on Instagram and has been confirmed to be the fastest growing skin care company in Sephora. Its cult following is thanks to their completely transparent approach to skin care and their determination to create products that work.

In addition to offering high-quality products, Drunk Elephant listens to their customers and makes changes when necessary. “We can always tweak or redo if we need to. Our customers and fans are like a huge focus group — they are loud and interactive and we are always listening and responding as quickly as we possibly can," explains founder Tiffany Masterson.

Their success is definitely thanks to their simple and effective product line -- not to mention the branding and packaging is clean, simple, and shelf-worthy. “[Drunk Elephant] represents hope in a space where people are desperately searching for a solution. Customers who have long described their skin as ‘sensitive,’ ‘acne-prone,’ or ‘combination’ are discovering that their skin was just confused and sensitized. It wasn’t their skin, after all, it was the ingredients they were putting on their skin.” Kudos to Masterson, we're hoping to see more skin care companies take her lead.

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