Emily Oberg Gets Real About Her Work And Her Sneaker Obsession

Author: Bodeline Dautruche
04.19 / Footwear

Emily Oberg is the modern day Wonder Woman, and her recent sit down with COVETEUR proves just that. In the interview not only gives us a sneak peek into Oberg's sneaker-filled closet, she also gives us a sneak peek into random aspects of her daily life, like the last thing that she Google searched.

At just 23, Emily Oberg has worked for Complex as their editorial producer and occasional broadcaster. She was recently named the creative lead for KITH's Women and still shoots Get Sweaty workout videos for Complex - where she exercises with your favorite celebrities. With such a busy schedule and being so young, how does Oberg do it? The Canada native discusses that focus is key. "Honestly, you just have to be willing to give up certain things, like your social life," she tells COVETEUR. "I really just dedicate all of my time to either working or working out. You have to decide what is really important to you."

And when it comes to her insane sneaker collection, Oberg lets us know that she really started getting into it when she was 17 and first arrived in New York City. She has everything from Yeezys, a bunch of UltraBOOST, the Air Jordan 1 Royal, and Chanel trainers. It's every sneakerhead's dream.


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