#essentials: Everything You Need For an At-Home Workout

Author: Jana K. Hoffman
12.20 / Fitness

The most successful at-home exercises are achieved when you arm yourself with the right workout gear. Gone are the days of investing in expensive, bulky treadmills or giant stair machines that will inevitably take up space and turn into clothing racks.

Today’s best workouts rely on your body’s strength (go ahead, get your flex on) and a few pieces of affordable equipment that can be conveniently packed away. Kickstart your workout with MISSBISH’s top at-home gym essentials. You’ll be banging out burpees in the comfort of your living room in no time.  

Contigo engineered a stylish way to purify your water and keep your body hydrated no matter where you’re working out. The sleek 20-ounce BPA-free glass design is fitted with silicone for a no-slip grip, a leak-proof lid and wide mouth, and a stainless steel carry loop for when you're on the go.  

Buy now: Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle, $15 USD

Maha Fitness created a 20-pound neoprene dumbbell set for fitness fiends of all levels. It even comes with a stand for easy storage. The set features three different sizes (2 lbs., 3 lbs., and 5 lbs.) and adds just enough weight to tone and strengthen. When you’re ready to add more, the brand also offers a variety of heavier options.

Buy now: Maha Fitness Dumbbell Set with Stand, $50 USD

Just because you’re not stepping foot into a gym doesn’t mean you can’t dress for it. Without Walls lets you add a pop of flirty floral with its Mid-Rise Engineered Legging. The moisture-wicking recovery fabric keeps you dry even under the sweatiest of conditions. Complete the look with the Double Dutch Sports Bra.   

Buy now: Without Walls Engineered Legging, $79 USD, 
Without Walls Double Dutch Sports Bra, $39 USD

It’s always a good idea to designate a towel just for workouts. Manduka eQua Hot Hand Towel makes a soft double-knit microfiber version that soaks up sweat instantly. Don’t be fooled by the brand — this isn’t just a towel for yogis. The eQua Hot Hand Towel is perfect for all workout types and intensities.

Buy now: Manduka eQua Hot Hand Towel, $20 USD

La Vie Boheme Yoga sure knows how to inspire with its motivational Navajo Yoga Mat. At the top you’ll find a thought-provoking Rumi quote that says, “The wound is the place where the light enters.” It’s made from thick, heavy-duty material yet only weighs in at 3.6 pounds. If you don’t love this one, there are plenty of other stunning prints to choose from. We think they’re almost too pretty to roll up and throw in a closet.  

Buy now: La Vie Boheme Yoga Navajo Yoga Mat, $86 USD 

No, this isn’t your childhood jump rope. Crossrope developed a totally customizable and interchangeable jump rope system that has quickly gained speed and recognition within the fitness community. You can use Crossrope virtually anywhere. The Starter Set is ideal for beginners but also seasoned jumpers, and includes a set of handles, two weighted ropes, and a reference guide. They’re also perfectly portable, so take them outside when you feel like using the city as your gym.

Buy now: Crossrope Starter Set, $69 USD

We’re all about customizability, and Nike’s Long-Length 2.0 Medium Resistance Band helps to diversify your at-home workouts. It also comes in a Heavy Resistance for more advanced training. The stretchy woven construction and soft ergonomic handles deliver comfortable support every time.

Buy now: Nike Long-Length 2.0 Medium Resistance Band, $22 USD

One of the best parts of working out at home is throwing on your favorite playlist. The WIFI-enabled Sonos PLAY:1 speaker fits perfectly on any surface, can be mounted to the wall, and fills the room with rich sound. Plus, it’s so simple to use. Plug it in and instantly stream your music.

Buy now: Sonos PLAY:1, $199 USD

If you’re looking to improve strength and coordination, you may want to opt for a medicine ball. CAP makes a Rubber Medicine Ball that comes in weights ranging from 2 pounds to 12 pounds. The ball’s grippy texture ensures it won’t slip from your hands. All sizes, except the 2-pound ball, are bouncy so you can team up with a partner or toss it against the wall.

Buy now: CAP Rubber Medicine Ball, starting at $40 USD

Be one of the first to have access to a Rove Portable Foam Roller, the world’s only fully functional and portable foam roller. Made with high-quality, durable materials, the patent-pending Rove rolls up when it’s time to massage muscles and comes undone when it’s time to stow it away. Rove is currently in Kickstarter mode, but is expected to drop in March 2017.

Buy now: Rove Portable Foam Roller, $69 USD

Photo by: Patrick Leung

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