Esther Perel On How to Avoid “Kitchen-Sinking” Fights

Author: Courtney Page
03.13 / Lifestyle

Fighting with your significant other is never easy, and is oftentimes a little messy. But Esther Perel sat down to offer us some advice on how to avoid those endless, mundane arguments. Instead, she tells us how to fight better. In the video, she talks about the kitchen sink metaphor and how during arguments, we pile on criticism. She focuses on three main points of healthy arguments; The first is sticking to the point at hand, the second is criticizing the behavior and not his character. Lastly, letting your partner know just how special he is. An example of what this looks like is if you're annoyed with the soaked floor after he showers, you could say, "You look cute in a towel but I don’t like it when you splash water on the floor”.

If you find yourself being the petty one in an argument, definitely check out the video!

Source: Esther Perel