Explore the Illegal World of Female Korean Tattoo Artists

Author: Jana K. Hoffman
06.14 / Art

Tattoos have become more acceptable, commonplace even, in the United States. But in other parts of the world, they’re still considered taboo. South Korea is one such place where tattoos aren’t technically illegal, but being a tattoo artist most definitely is. It’s even worse if you’re a female. i-D explored the illegal world of female Korean tattoo artists and interviewed the women who are brave enough to practice their art in a society where it’s highly unacceptable and, in some cases, potentially dangerous.

According to the exposé, tattoos “ruin” what society believes to be the physical and symbolic purity found within Korean women. Body modifications beyond a simple ear piercing are said to be tied to dark and criminal activity. The tattooed Korean women, who are out to change that stigma, are mostly hopeful that perceptions will start to shift as time progresses. But whether or not their parents are accepting is a totally different story

Hit the link here to get to know these beautiful, brave tattooed babes.

Source: VICE

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