Fanny Moizant Upgrades Our Wardrobes | The MISSBISH Behind Vestiaire Collective

Author: Sarah de Brun

Fanny Moizant has worked in fashion and business realms her whole life, but becoming a mother sparked the urge to build a business of her own. In 2009, with five co-founders by her side, she launched Vestiaire Collective, a luxury resale site for buyers and sellers who know the worth of the item at hand. Thanks to a highly credible quality-control team, authenticity and condition are a huge priority for the company, as is social growth. The site originated in France and is a selling platform where the shopper can browse through curated influencer shops and click through editorialized stories; for Moizant and Vestiaire Collective, this is only the beginning. So what goes into running an E-commerce destination that fashion heads all over the world have needed for so long? The French-native shares with us here...

Let's get right down to it, tell us about your best designer or vintage find ever!
My best find is my Hermés Medor cuff, I spent months searching for it in a particular color and skin. The stores were sold out but one day it popped up on Vestiaire Collective! I’ve never added anything to my bag so quickly!

As much as women love collecting fashion, we also love a good closet cleanse. What do you think that’s about?
For me it about convenience, I want to be able to see everything I own in my wardrobe so getting dressed in the morning is quick and easy.

Vestiaire Collective is all about designer items finding new owners. What designer pieces could you never part with?
I have a few Alaïa pieces, that were given to me by my Mother, which I could never part with. I hope to pass it to my eldest daughter when she’s older.

How has the original idea of Vestiaire Collective evolved and grown over the years?
Back in 2009, I noticed that people were selling previous season products on their blogs during the recession but I was concerned that there wasn’t a trusted online site that would guarantee authenticity, and give a fair price for the piece depending on its condition. I searched my friends’ wardrobes and pulled out anything that they didn’t use that we could sell, and along with the other 5 co-founders we launched Vestiaire Collective from our flats in Paris. That was 7 years ago, now we have offices in 5 countries and over 5 million members on the site!

It’s so wonderful for your girls to see their mother working hard on her dreams. What’s most important for you to teach your daughters about life, career, love, and even fashion?
I try to teach them daily to be passionate about what they do no matter what it is.

What are the most popular pieces or brands hunted down on Vestiaire Collective?
Our top selling and searched for items on Vestiaire Collective are the Chanel Timeless bag and the Hermés Birkin. The Valentino Rockstud shoes are still really popular, but Gucci is the brand everyone wants at the moment.

You’ve lived in two of the world’s most fashionable cities, Paris and London. Which city speaks most to your personal style (and lifestyle) and why?
I’ll be patriotic and say Parisian women. The French way to mix basic and statement pieces for a low-key but very chic look is one I really love.

Vestiaire Collective has a few founders, including yourself. What advice can you give about starting a business with friends or business partners?
I think one of the reasons why Vestiaire Collective has been a success is because we have a panel of strengths that complement each other. Each of us is an expert in a different field.

“The key is being well surrounded; I have the best team, the best Nanny and the best husband! It’s all about finding those people."

It’s an age-old question but honestly, how do you do it all?
The key is being well surrounded; I have the best team, the best Nanny and the best husband! It’s all about finding those people.

Vestiaire Collective is branded brilliantly. Taking on a resell industry and elevating it to luxury standards is something the company has almost pioneered. What important standards does Vestiaire Collective always uphold, product and brand-wise?
Vestiaire Collective is built on 4 pillars; curation, quality control, community, and inspiration. Success has come because we never compromise on any of them, ensuring we stick to the same vision that we had on day one.

You’ve worked in fashion for the majority of your career. What aspects of it do you love, and what aspects do you think are misconstrued?
I love the fact that fashion is at the cross rail of business and creativity. It’s such an inspiring industry full of very talented people. However I don’t like its pace, sometimes it seems a little too fast.

Vestiaire Collective started with just a few thousand products listed and has grown into a fashion platform where women can shop, join a community of influencers, or flip through the latest posts in Le Journal. What’s the next step for the company?
2017 is a big year for Vestiaire Collective. We will be launching in Asia and Australia, which we’re very excited about. As well as growing the business in America and Europe.

What are 3 London gems?
I used to live right next to Berners Tavern, it’s the best place for breakfast. It’s so beautiful inside with walls of framed images, I always spot something new that I love.

Dover Street Market is great to walk around, they merchandise the store so well. I always spy a new brand that I love whilst wandering around.

5 Hertford Street is a very traditional club, but always full of amazing people.

Who are the MISSBISHes in your life that keep you inspired?
I’m inspired by the entrepreneurs that I meet. We share the same passion and drive. I’m inspired by people who are passionate about something, I think there is nothing more inspiring than really believing in something. A few of my inspirations are Natalie Massenet, Eva Chen and Ariana Huffington.

 What does MISSBISH mean to you?
It means inspiring and being inspired by the strong women around me.

Photos by: Sonjay Williams