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Fitness enthusiast Ally Love is all about adding self-love to your workout equation. After discovering what wellness practices work for her, Ally founded Love Squad, a fitness community that fosters a safe place for people in all walks of life to either begin or improve their wellness journey. We chatted with Ally about why she's so passionate about fitness, as well as how she stays sane as a multihyphenate who's always on the go. Get to know her below!

Who is Ally Love and what she is about?
Ally Love--host of the Brooklyn Nets, a Peloton instructor, founder of the Love Squad, and model.

I am part of a new breed of professionals--the slash generation. I wear a number of different hats and I have dedicated much of my time to empowering people in their pursuit of natural wellness and changing how people experience fitness. Over time, I have been able to expand my voice and platform in order to broaden my reach.

How did Love Squad come about?
Love Squad was born a couple of years ago. I started a blog as an assignment for a writing class I was enrolled in. I wanted to create easy to digest information for people to read about fitness, beauty, street style, and sports. The buzz started to pick up and since then, Love Squad has evolved into something more than a blog, but a movement. We are an online platform here to connect women from all walks of life through the avenue of sweat! Just this year, we began partnering with studios around the city and brands that we love to host studio socials. From there, Love Squad has created and hosted 3 Love Squad Speaker Series, where we invite other experts and influencers to speak upon a certain topic to be part of our panel discussion. Attendees come and sweat with us, and then sit to learn more about career balance, life, energy, etc. It all goes back to helping women work themselves from the inside out. Love Squad has since then grown and we are a small team making it all happen!

While attending one of your social meetups, you were such a bubbly person and made sure everyone felt great even if they weren’t keeping up with the routine (aka, me). What do
you want women to get out of Love Squad and working out in general?

Love Squad is here for the person who is still thinking about working out and to those who already do this every day. We are all on different levels, but we want to provide a comfortable environment for everyone to be themselves, push their own limits, and know that we are here to support and not judge. Not one single person is the same, so set your intentions before coming into this class, or any class for that matter. Create personal goals and crush them! Working out, in general, can be challenging but you will progress, achieve, and maybe have setbacks, but this is your journey. We'll help you get a strong, confident mindset along with the great workout you needed.

When did start your health journey?
I have been a dancer since I was a young girl and traveled with different dance companies. As I continued to dance more professionally, I implemented yoga into my training. From there I was addicted; I eventually began to box, run, and cycle.

How do you keep up with such a busy schedule? What tips do you have for women who are always on the go or want to be more productive throughout their day?
I keep myself very busy. Yes, my schedule is normally packed, but this is what I was made for--so every opportunity to check something off my list is key. With that being said, because of my work, my interactions are dense and I do my best to stay heavily involved in everything that I do. I prioritize "me" time. Meditation has recently become part of my routine. I try to meditate a couple times a week, clearing my mind, my heart, and connecting with my breath to get in tune with myself. I found that using an app called Stop Breathe and Think, makes meditation conducive to my active lifestyle.

"I have dedicated much of my time to empowering people in their pursuit of natural wellness and changing how people experience fitness."

I believe that my body is only as strong as my mind, so in order to create success, I need to clear my head and get my mind right. Self-wellness is essential to living a happy, healthy, and productive life. No matter what I have going on, I prioritize myself in some way--not to be confused with being selfish. This is where I find selflessness.

You have awesome style! What is your advice for looking good while keeping busy?
Being active is a lifestyle. It is my lifestyle and I love mixing and matching different elements. It makes for an easy transition from the studio to the court.

What is your advice for any women who want to start a healthier lifestyle but aren't sure how to?
Find a buddy ie. your Love Squad. Once you find your buddy, the two of you (or 3, or 4) can help hold each other accountable. Start by committing to light workouts 2x/week to start. In time you'll notice how fitness and nutrition come hand in hand. You and your squad can make smarter training and nutrition decisions together as more time goes by.

As a natural, curly girl myself, I find it hard sometimes to workout and keep up with maintaining my fro. What is your hair regimen in accordance with your workout schedule?
I love being naturally curly and that includes all of the natural oils. I normally wash my hair 2x/week and add my favorite curl products after a workout to help revitalize my curls.

What is a personal workout or health goal that you have not reached yet that you want to accomplish in the next couple of years?
Running has become a big part of my lifestyle and my goal is to implement distance runs (around 20 miles) into my training.

Where do you see Love Squad heading in the next couple of years?
I envision Love Squad to be in its prime and reaching thousands of people. We have grown so much in the last 4-5 months already that hopefully, we can build our Love Squad Speaker Series into a larger conference to help impact our even larger audience.

What does MISSBISH mean to you?
MISSBISH provides a place for women such as myself to voice ourselves to the rest of the world. A positive place where women can contribute strong and powerful content to help change the world for the better. MISSBISH for me is a way to connect with different individuals, a place for creatives, for do-ers, for game-changers, and the fearless.

Photographer: Valine Brana

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